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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Instruction Packets, etc. 

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National Seminars










National Seminars




For many years Linda Coulter has traveled to teach art seminars and workshops.





Students gather around Linda Coulter during her painting demonstrations as she explains step by step how to create the weekend's projects.  She answers questions and helps students correct mistakes.



Linda Coulter's Weekend Art Getaway classrooms are private and comfortable.  Size of class ranges from 6 to 32 students, depending on the location and classroom size. 



Couples love to paint together and enjoy Coulter's Weekend Art Getaway locations.  This happy couple delighted in learning the grisaille techniques of Linda Coulter.





Beginners love to learn Linda Coulter's easy art techniques.  These two ladies were having so much fun learning to paint at Linda's art seminar in Rhode Island.




Classrooms are well lighted and often there is soft music playing in the background.  Students bring a sack lunch and plan to spend the day learning, painting and having great fun!



This class in St Claire, Quebec, is busy learning Linda Coulter's grisaille techniques.





Students enjoy strolling around the classroom during break to see other students' work and discuss the new art techniques learned that day.




These students from Nottingham, England, enjoyed learning Linda Coulter's grisaille and pure color glazing techniques.  The favorite subject studied with Linda this weekend was painting beautiful roses!




You can tell by their big smiles that these students from South Korea enjoyed their seminar with Linda Coulter.  It was a warm hearted weekend filled with creativity, joy and laughter. 




Linda Coulter demonstrates step by step each project she teaches at workshops and seminars.

Students then return to their seats to try the techniques while Linda circulates around the room to help correct mistakes and answer questions.


These students from New York, Kentucky and Illinois joined Linda Coulter for a wonderful week of painting and learning. They were especially interested in learning how to apply pure color glazes.


After a Coulter Art Seminar at a southern Mississippi plantation, students decided to join Linda Coulter to tour more plantations near New Orleans.  This photo of Oak Alley shows the students milling around to admire the beautiful plantation house and grounds while taking photographs to use as their source material for future grisaille projects. 

The students are pictured below as they gathered in front of Oak Alley in Louisiana.  This photograph will help each person remember the warmhearted memories made together that weekend.



Australian art teachers, Kerri Kovak and Chis Roy. attended a Coulter Art Weekend Getaway to learn Linda Coulter's grisaille and color glazing techniques applied to a portrait of a French waiter serving wine and roses. 

The man shown in the photograph in front of the class was the official model for the seminar weekend. French cuisine was provided each day at lunchtime and one evening for dinner. 



Hawaiian artist, Eileen Lacerte, attended this Coulter art seminar weekend and is pictured here with the weekend's model.  

Students from South Carolina, Florida, New York and other areas of the nation were in attendance also.


The ladies sipped French wines, sampled French cheeses with baguettes, and French chocolates during break time.





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