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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Instruction Packets, etc. 

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Linda Coulter









 Linda Coulter

It has been 40 years since Linda first stepped into the art/craft industry as an artist who sells her original paintings.  Her art works are collected in England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and South Korea, as well as most states in the U.S.  

Linda Coulter started her art education career in a small studio in her hometown of Farmington, Illinois.

As her business grew, she expanded her market to central Illinois by teaching art workshops for Dick Blick and Jeffry Alans chain stores, park districts, and independently-owned art stores throughout the Midwest.

Featured Artist on NBC in Central Illinois

Linda was approached by the local NBC television station to paint for a live audience every week on syndicated NBC television in Central Illinois.  She accepted this offer and thereafter enjoyed 5 wonderful years of painting every Saturday morning on WEEK TV 25.  She was the featured artist in more than 160 television appearances and became a well known personality throughout central Illinois.

During those happy years, her reputation in the art industry grew throughout the Midwest and began to spread nationwide. She was invited to film a series of art education programs for international cable television, based in Oregon. From that experience Linda received offers to film in England and South Korea. 

International Painting Conventions

For 40 years, Linda Coulter has served art product manufacturers as a designer, demonstrator, educator, teacher trainer, art program organizer and art product consultant. 


Linda worked for 19 years to advance her art career in the national and international markets by teaching and demonstrating her own grisaille / color glazing art style at conventions across the US and in Europe.


During those happy and exciting years, Linda and her family made lasting friendships with the owners and CEOs of manufacturers, publishers, distributors and educators in the art & craft industry around the world.




  • Arts & Illustrators Convention in London, England

  • ACCI Convention (Association of Crafts & Creative Industries)  in Chicago, Illinois.

  • HIA Convention (Hobby Industry Association), the largest Hobby Industry convention in the world.

  • NAMTA Convention (International Art Materials Association).  Used to be the National Art Materials Trade Association.

  • SDP Convention (Decorative Painters international conventions) in Anaheim CA, Tampa FL, Nashville TN, Charlotte NC, Indianapolis IN, Reno NV,  Wichita, KS, Peoria IL, and in 2013 she was chosen to teach in St. Charles, Illinois. 

  • Kaswood Convention Decorative Painters of North America, held annually for many years in Toronto, Canada

  • Heart of Ohio Art Convention at Columbus, Ohio

  • New England Traditions Art Convention at Providence, Rhode Island

  • Art Expo at Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada

Museum Art Teacher

For many years, Linda was a museum art teacher at Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences, a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum in Peoria, IL.  When the world renown Burghley House Collection was a featured exhibit at Lakeview Museum, Linda was thrilled to see each brush stroke of these historical art works firsthand and she was spellbound by the richly saturated colors of the Old Masters' original art.

Through personal invitation, Linda traveled to the Louvre in Paris to meet with French and Belgian artists as they studied art styles and techniques of Renaissance masters and impressionist artists in Europe. These museum experiences played a major role in the influence and development of Linda Coulter's personal art style.


Art Teacher Trainer

In 1999, Linda received an invitation from the CEO of an international art product manufacturer to travel and train art teachers in Asia, Europe and Canada. She closed Coulter's La Galerie in Peoria and commenced full time travel teaching in 2000.




International Art Teacher

Linda Coulter has taught over 10,000 adult students from 5 continents how to paint her personal art style:  North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia.  Linda's adult art students are from all states in the US, all provinces of Canada, and from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico,  France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Pakistan.


Internationally Published Artist

Linda has published feature stories in international painting magazines for more than a decade with readers in many countries.

In the spring of 2009, Linda Coulter was cover artist for a Japanese Decorative Painting magazine, and through that venue, Linda taught an art workshop in grisaille and color glazing to her art students throughout Japan.

The magazine chose Linda's gothic door as shown framed on the cover of this magazine. 




Linda wrote instructions and provided step by step sheets and photographs. The magazine translated her work to Japanese.



Many of those Japanese painters have attended Linda's international art convention classes so this feature story and project was a delight for them to find in their own national magazine


Weekend Art Getaways

While travel teaching, Linda Coulter and her family were invited to teach at throughout the United States and Canada.  The Coulter family became well known for this service. Linda's students gathered for a casual relaxing weekend to learn the the art of grisaille and pure color glazes.  Some featured projects are co-coordinated with the Art Getaway location, thus creating wonderful memories for students and teacher.

A few of the favorite Weekend Art Getaway locations:

  •    California mountain and vineyard country

  •    Greek fishing village in Florida

  •    Southern plantation in Mississippi

  •    Escape to the Sea, Hampton Beach, NH

  •    Tropical Art Getaway in Clearwater, Florida

  •    Historic mansion in Rhode Island 

  •    Redwood Forest in California

  •    Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

  •    Seaside village of southern Maine

  •    Historic Sudbury Gristmill in Massachusetts

  •    Majestic Hudson River Valley of New York

  •    Historic Charleston, South Carolina

  •    Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  •    Fine Art Studio in Louisville, Kentucky

  •    Decorative Art Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia

  •    Hosted at a college in Fredericton, New Brunswick

  •    French Art studio in Montreal, Quebec


Her inspiration to teach art

When asked what has been her inspiration to teach art, Linda replies, "God gave me some talent, a genuine love of people, an unquenchable desire to teach fine art, and an endless desire for adventure through travel teaching."  




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