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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Instruction Packets, etc. 

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Grisaille Painting









Grisaille Painting


Grisaille (pronounced griz-eye) is a painting technique that creates a "colorless painting".  This monochrome painting features "inner light" and is created in gray tones ranging from dark to light.

Transparent oil color glazes are then applied over the finished grisaille painting to add personality and excitement to the art work. 

PaintWorks Magazine published Linda's feature story entitled, "Colorless Paintings -The Grisaille Secret."   Therein Linda Coulter explained her reasons for choosing the grisaille art style and how it is based on Renaissance art concepts of the Old Masters of Europe.  


Linda Coulter is an internationally published artist with readers from 5 continents. She has been teaching fine art and decorative art for 29 years and through those years has taught over 10,000 people from 5 continents how to paint. 

Coulter Grisaille painting is Linda Coulter's signature grisaille art style and through the years has been the most successful method for all skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced painters.


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